Final Project: User Scenarios



Annie, the High School English Teacher

USER STORY: Annie, the High School English Teacher, would like to schedule her time to grade papers in a place she enjoys, but is not her house. With her two kids, Lexee 7 and John 10, she has learned that she cannot effectively get work done at home. Dana Street Roasting Company provides an excellent environment for her to focus on her work, while not feeling shut in and isolated somewhere. If she can refer to the website’s event calendar quickly, she will know if she can do her work there or not due to a live concert or other such event.

USER SCENARIO: Annie’s schedule is pretty set, being a High School English teacher. However, her personal life schedule is what can change on a weekly basis. She needs to accommodate her paper grading time around things like, soccer games for both her kids, family outings and get togethers, when the kids are sick, when her husband has a work event he must attend, etc. When she can schedule time to go to Dana Street and work, is generally Fridays through Sundays, which can be the café’s busiest nights. If there is a live event, she cannot effectively study, so knowing ahead of time if there will be an event will be helpful. Currently she just shows up at the café, and if there is a concert, she has to either return home and work, not effectively, or find another place to work. Ultimately Dana Street is her first choice for a working environment because of how well she knows the staff and the café’s customers, and her own personal history of going there.


  1. It’s Monday night and Annie just found out that her husband will need to head out of town this weekend for a last minute work trip.
  2. This means that she won’t really be able to grade any papers at home so she decides that Friday night will be her only chance to get her work done.
  3. Annie goes to her phone to check the Dana Street Roasting Company website to see if there is an event happening this Friday.
  4. On the home page is an announcement of “New Hours”.
  5. She reads the “new” hours listed and is confused that they don’t state being open past 6pm on Fridays, when she was just there last week until at least 9 pm.
  6. She can’t find a way to the “Shows” page, so she hits “Menu” to see what happens
  7. That “Menu” button is actually the menu for the mobile site, which is confusing.
  8. Then she sees the “Shows” page link and clicks that
  9. That opens up the one show listed for something in December of 2017 – almost 2 years ago.
  10. She is confused and decides that the website is not updated and will have to risk showing up Friday night to grade her papers and see if the café is open, and if there is a live event happening.
  11. She decides to create a back up plan if the café is closed, or there is a live event happening.


Dave, the CEO of an Investment Firm

USER STORY: Dave is a CEO of a modest investment firm that helps start up companies secure financing. He has lived in the South Bay for nearly 30 years, and he loves it. He really believes in helping start up companies that he believes can make the world a better place. He has watched Silicon Valley grow to be a global household term in the time that he has been doing business there and is proud to think that he has some responsibility for helping it become what it is now. Dave naturally is a strong supporter of small businesses, and Dana Street is one of those businesses he supports. He loves their coffee and their sandwiches. He would like to be able to order catering for his many business lunches that he has throughout the week.

USER SCENARIO: Dave’s weekly meetings with clients can change and be scheduled in a moment’s notice. He likes to keep very busy, and rather than take his clients out to lunch, he’d rather bring them in to his office to have more productive meetings while providing lunch for them. Dave really likes to share Dana Street’s catering with his clients because it is a local café that has been around for 20 years. He likes to give his clients a true local experience, while supporting one of his favorite small businesses. He often has his assistant go to the café to order for his lunches for each day because they do not have an online catering ordering system set up. Sometimes he has to go to the café himself to order and pick up the lunch, when there is some kind of last minute schedule change. Dave doesn’t mind, again he likes to keep busy and he likes to support local businesses, but a simple online ordering system would allow Dave to spend less time on catering, and more time on his business.


  1. Dave scheduled a meeting with a client for lunch the next day.
  2. Dave offered to provide lunch for the meeting.
  3. Dave went online to Dana Street Roasting Company to look at the menu and decide what to order.
  4. Dave notices that the website is out of date because the hours at the bottom of the page are not accurate, and the menu items are different from what he has been ordering.
  5. He takes note of what he would like to order for tomorrow’s lunch.
  6. He wishes he could just put this order in online at that moment that he is thinking about it.
  7. He wonders how much more money Dana Street could be making if they offered online food orders and delivery.
  8. He wonders how nice that would be for his business lunches.
  9. Dave stops day dreaming and types an email with his desired order for tomorrow’s lunch to send to his assistant to go into the café and order and pick up the lunch.


Ryan, the Software Engineer

USER STORY: Ryan grew up in Mountain View and he has always been good with computers. Mostly self taught, Ryan is a very skilled Software Engineer and Web Developer who has worked for various companies in Silicon Valley. He is happy at his current job, which lets him travel to places his company provides software and to give presentations on his company’s work. Ryan is very proud of where he grew up, and he likes to share some local authenticity with his clients by bringing them coffee beans from his favorite local café, a place he grew up hanging out, Dana Street Roasting Company.

USER SCENARIO: Ryan is on a business trip on the East Coast. His boss has just informed him that he will need to make an additional trip to Texas before he heads home to meet with another client. Ryan likes to bring Dana Street Roasting Company coffee as a business gift when he meets with clients. Since he was not planning on making this trip to Texas, he does not have coffee to share. He figures he could order coffee online from Dana Street and have it shipped to his client. He could also order enough for himself when he gets home, and for when he goes out on his next business trip.


  1. Ryan has just gotten news on the phone from his boss that he will need to make a trip to visit a client in Austin, Texas once he is finished visiting clients on the East Coast.
  2. Ryan would like to order coffee to be shipped to his client in Austin, to arrive by the time he gets there in a few days.
  3. Ryan searches on his laptop for the Dana Street Roasting Company website.
  4. He finds that the home page mention of new hours doesn’t match what the times that he is usually there – at live events on the weekends, much later than the hours stated on the home page.
  5. Ryan shakes his head a little, and wants to offer Nick, the owner of Dana Street Roasting Company, a free website upgrade.
  6. Ryan clicks the Menu page.
  7. Ryan sees that there are two subsections to the menu page: a drinks page and a beans page.
  8. He clicks the coffee beans page.
  9. He’s not too sure if these are updated prices and coffees, but he chooses which ones he would like to order.
  10. He realizes that he cannot order them online.
  11. He picks up his phone to call the number, and calls.
  12. He gets Aaron on the phone, an old friend and the main coffee roaster at Dana Street.
  13. Ryan tells Aaron he would like to order coffee beans to be shipped to his client’s address in Austin, Texas.
  14. Aaron says they don’t normally ship coffee, but for Ryan they can do that.
  15. Ryan mentions that he wants to redesign the website for them for free.
  16. Aaron says, “Yeah we know, we should update that thing. I’ll tell Nick. Thanks Ryan!”

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