Final Project: Site Role Models

Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co. is a local cafe here in Sacramento. They have several locations, they offer food, fabulous atmospheres, and they roast their own coffee. Their site is gorgeous, functional and easy to use. They make use of consistent style, and visually pleasing elements.

Their ordering page is a little clunky, since it is a third party website and looks completely different than Old Soul’s site. But they still offer the ability to order food and coffee and beans online.

I also don’t think they need to use the large heading for every page of the site, such as on the Contact Us page.

Temple Coffee Roasters Inc.

Though Temple’s site may be a little more minimalist, or even slightly sterile in design compared to Old Soul Co., I think it give’s the user a sense of elegance and modernity.

The seamless integration of the shopping cart into the site is perfect. Even when purchasing merchandise and beans, you never leave the site. And no matter where you find yourself in the site, you can easily get back to your shopping cart because of the quiet and ever present small header found on every page that has a quick text ad of ” FREE SHIPPING OVER $25. EVERYDAY. “, then “Cart”, “Account” and a small magnifying glass signaling a search bar.


Visit Sacramento

Visit Sacramento is the portal for the Visitor’s Bureau of California’s Capital City and Region. They are the convention, culture and leisure arm of the City of Sacramento.

The site is very clear and easy to use and provides very useful information. The header remains the same on all pages, giving the user very clear navigation. The site also makes great use of images and links and calls to action on every page. Never is any page over cluttered or unclear on it’s purpose.

Visit Sacramento has done a great job of being an actual source of what to do, and what is cool, hip and happening in this town. They also have very active and interesting social media, all of which is linked to through this site. They have done a great job of creating a ‘brand’ for the Sacramento region that is cool and cutting edge.

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