Daily Doodle 6/26/20

Today’s doodle I call “Backyard Dreaming”. I’ve been working on redesigning my backyard. Well it’s really a back patio. It’s only 14 feet in depth, which really doesn’t give anyone much room to do anything on the grass that really is just weeds. Also there is a slope, so even standing out there you feel lopsided. Once I realized I could make it into a magical patio, rather than a small patch of grass, the world opened up to me.

I want to level the ground out and put in pavers for the ground. Along the edge of the fence I want to build a retaining wall for dirt and plants, and maybe another sitting surface. I want to put in an arch trellis on the other side of the fence and grow some amazing flower vine on it. Plus I want to bring in a couple planters and grow another flowering vine along some trellises on the back of the house. And of course STRING LIGHTS! Amazingly I already have the string lights up. And they are amazing.

This doodle is primarily for a design use. Obviously I would have some chairs, maybe a hammock and a fire pit out there. And once people can gather again, I would have all my friends and family out there! Thankfully I have the whole quarantine summer to work on it.

This sketch was purely done with good old paper and pencil. Some of my perspective is a little wonky, but I am actually very pleased with it. I feel like I really created the vision that is in my head.

Published by missmistyday

Graphic & Digital Media Designer in Sacramento, California.

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