Daily Doodle for 9/1/20

This doodle was inspired by an Epic, amazing, real life lost boys tree house that my friend and I found on a hike a few weekends ago. It was glorious. I took a few pictures, and then vowed to create something in honor of it.

I used Adobe Fresco again. It was really fun and relaxing to create this doodle. I used oil brushes, watercolor brushes, charcoal pencil brushes, and even some pen brushes as well. I’m learning more and more about my style and what I really enjoy when I’m making something. Color is one of those things and the mixing of those colors. I must have been an impressionist in a past life because the effect of mixing colors on the eye is fascinating to me. And the actual mixing of color is what I LOVE to do. I love big chunky swaths of strokes blending together. Just so fun.

I could totally see Peanuts characters running around and climbing all over this monument to childhood.

Published by missmistyday

Graphic & Digital Media Designer in Sacramento, California.

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