Daily Doodle for 9/17/20

Today was a nice relaxing doodle. I have to remind myself sometimes that my Daily Doodle exercise is not one for perfectionism. In fact the point is to let go of my perfectionism and let creativity and expression take over. I am not here today to create something perfect. I am only here to create. Judgement of what is created be damned.

This is a little bit of an old doodle style, if you will, that I used to do way back in high school and early college days. It’s almost like making stained glass. I would just draw various black lines of almost nonsense scribble, and then fill in the separated spaces with colors. My “containing frame”, or shape of my stained glass doodle today was my logo.

This was really fun, and again so relaxing. Done in my sketchbook with Crayola markers.

Published by missmistyday

Graphic & Digital Media Designer in Sacramento, California.

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