Daily Doodle for 10/21/20

So it’s been a while! I’ve been overloaded with homework, work and backyard work and left my Daily Doodles in the dust! But here I am. I may have entitled my posts as Daily Doodles, but I don’t hold myself to making and sharing them every single day. It’s something to aspire to, be inspired by, and yes, try to accomplish everyday, but I am not going to beat myself up if I have other more pressing things on my plate. Even if those other things are sitting on my couch and playing Wizard’s Unite while enjoying a cider. The purpose of my Daily Doodles is to de-stress, find joy, and explore skills and techniques.

Today’s doodle was done in my sketchbook on regular old paper. I’ve been so screened out in this now 7 months of quarantine and Zoom life I just want to get my eyes away from screens.. but they are EVERYWHERE and a part of EVERYTHING we do. So regular old paper and pens and pencils were my soothing friends tonght.

I’m taking two graphic design classes right now, so naturally we’ve been talking a lot about Typography. Beautiful, wonderful Typography. Talk about another thing that is everywhere! The history of Typography is human history. I love it. I’ve always loved it, even before I understood it. I would doodle with words and letters more than creating characters when I had the opportunities to doodle in my lifetime. I would always be the one who wanted to create the posters and signs for whatever school event or theatre production I was a part of. Creating letters is so much fun. I have learned that creating an entire typeface is an incredibly detailed and lengthy process, one that MAYBE someday I will flirt with the idea of doing, but I prefer to be like the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau designers and draw or paint my letterforms within the space of my specific project.

Okay… so Synesthesia. Ever heard of it? It is something I learned about only a few years ago. I learned that I have it! I learned that when imagining numbers and letters in my mind’s eye, I see them in colors. I really thought this was how everyone saw letters and numbers. I thought it was just an association I had with my first and second grade classrooms which had the alphabet and numbers up on the walls for us to reference. But apparently not everyone sees numbers and letters like I do. There are many different kinds of synesthesia that have been documented. I suggest checking it out. Are you a synesthete, too?

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