Sent From Disneyland Website Design

My husband has a podcast and for my Web Design I class this semester at Sacramento City College, I decided to make his website my final project.

This class has taught me a lot in a short amount of time about very practical hands-on skills of WordPress, website design, client-designer relationships, and user experience. I feel like I had an advantage because I have been working in WordPress maintaining my company’s website for years, but I didn’t have nearly the confidence I do now, even compared to just two months ago.

Building was very fun. I also had a leg up in this realm because my husband and I have been working on his podcast, its brand, logo and concept for a couple years. A lot of the heavy lifting conceptually had already been worked through. And we already spent a long time building a logo!

This class helped us build out our tagline, goals, mission statement, values and vision statement. These things are very important, but we hadn’t articulated them yet. Now we have more strength in our brand, and a stronger foundation to build from.


A weekly podcast sharing Disney history, one postcard at a time.


The Sent From Disneyland Podcast seeks to provide a listening experience to anyone interested in diving deeper into Disneyland History.


My vision is that listeners will feel more knowledgeable of, and connected to, the long and complex living history of Disneyland, Disney Parks, and Disney Imagineers.

Personal Brand Workbook

Mood Board

Style Tile

Business Cards

It has been very rewarding to help my husband build a website for his passion of Disneyland and Disney History. It is a site I am proud to add to my portfolio, and I look forward to developing it further as his podcast grows. I am very eager to see how it helps his outreach and marketing efforts.

Now go follow @sentfromdisneyland on Instagram and listen to the show where ever you get your podcasts!

SFD188: Sent from the Castle Courtyard Sent from Disneyland

This week we explore an early Disneyland give away. Travel back to 1957 to Sleeping Beauty Castle Below are some of the regulars on Art Throw Down, Follow all of them on Instagram anyway for great art and postcards in your Instagram feed: hipstadufus luluvision jlynch9923 greenmosspaper georgemailsart state_of_the_funyun RussRomano2021
  1. SFD188: Sent from the Castle Courtyard
  2. SFD187: Sent with Hi-Lites
  3. SFD186: Sent to an American Village
  4. SFD185: Sent on Adventureland Day
  5. SFD184: Sent Between Buildings

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